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This is what I'm about...

If you have found your way here, then you are very serious and very passionate about having a hugely successful music career, and I'm going to show you how!

I'm a Multi-Award Winning Singer/Songwriter, Performer and Business Owner. I have 2 of my own kids and I am lucky to be a stepmum to a gorgeous boy. I love to read and I'm obsessed with personal development.

That's what got me into breaking down my music career and learning how to build it successfully. 

Learning to release my music the right way, grew my fanbase, elevated my brand and ultimately got me paid!

When you learn to release your music like a pro you will stop hearing crickets, no longer feel like a failure and you won't waste your time and money. 

Instead, you'll have a plan that will finally help you gain momentum and build an audience that will love what you do. Who will buy your music, come to your shows, and support everything you do!

If so, then as I said, you're here because you're very serious and very passionate about having a successful music career.

Over A Quarter of a Million Dollars And
Constant Heartache

This industry is a tough one, I've been in it for over 25 years, I have spent at least a quarter of a million in the last 12 years. I have made every mistake, made every wrong decision, and got knocked down so many times that I wasn't really sure if I could get back up, but I did get back up, and every single time I was a little wiser, a little less easy to walk over and a little more in control of who I was and my career.

After 25 years in the music industry and 12 years in the recording industry, I now know how things work, I know how to release music like the pro's do, and I know how to do it on a budget. 

After years of tireless work I have had chart success, including a #2 album on the ARIA Chart, consistent radio and television airplay,  I have won Australian Songwriting Awards, Australian Performance awards and Australian Business Awards, have been a judge on a television series called All Together Now, alongside judges such as Ronan Keating and Mark Gable, signed a record deal and more recently signed a deal with a US Music Library for the sync licensing part of my music business where I write music for tv and film.

I want to give you everything that I wish I had... the formula for success!

If I can save just one person some money, heartache and frustration, then I will be happy! That is why I created RELEASE QUEEN, to give artists a blueprint to work from, one that, as I said, came from a lot of money, blood, sweat and tears.

Don't Spend Your Entire Career Working Out How To Have A Career.. Let's Create It!

Download the 5 Step Plan To Independent Recording Artist Success and save yourself money, time and heartache by knowing the steps!

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Watch the free training so you can release your music like a PRO, grow your fanbase and get paid!