Are you confused about what genre you should release your music in? Here are 3 tips to help choose!

branding recording Oct 05, 2022

I will start by saying that I could talk about this topic all day long because it was the bane of my existence for many of my music career years, and it has been apparent through my students that I am not the only one who has struggled with this. 

Choosing a genre to release your music in is easy for some, but for others, it can be an absolute nightmare. 

But, if you choose to sit on the genre fence, you are drastically reducing your chance of success. If you’ve read my other blogs, then you would know I absolutely LOVE sayings, and my favourite one that relates to this topic is “if you’re for everyone, then you’re for no one”. The more specific you can be about the market you are targeting, the better chance you will have to grow your fanbase. 

When I started writing and releasing music, I had always been a singer. I trained with some brilliant teachers and learned everything I could. I wanted to be able to sing most genres, and I...

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Wanna know my secret weapon for reaching out to the media when it's time to release your music?

music business tips Sep 28, 2022

It’s no secret that money can be pretty tight for indie artists. I’ve spent the majority of my 25 years plus years in the industry as an indie artist, so I get it. At times I’ve had the money for a publicist, but most of the time, I couldn’t afford one. 

Before I give you my secret weapon in today’s episode to help you overcome this little hiccup, let’s briefly discuss what a publicist is and how they can help your career. 

A publicist acts as the middleman between you and the media. They have relationships with many different media personalities and contacts throughout the industry. This puts them in a strong position to represent your work and, therefore, increase your publicity opportunities.

But! What happens when you can’t afford one? Or you forgot to budget for one, and you are releasing your music as an indie artist? The job falls in your lap, and if you have no contacts and no prior history or relationships, then you will struggle to get any kind of media attention at...

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Are You Not Releasing Music Because You Feel Like An Imposter? Here Are 3 Ways To Crush That Feeling

mindset Sep 21, 2022

Do you feel like you’re not good enough? Or maybe you need a little more time to get it right? Or perhaps just a little more time to practice so you can improve? At what point are you ready? And at what point are you procrastinating because you’re scared that you might just not be good enough? Maybe you just feel like an imposter? 

This is what we call imposter syndrome.

But! There is good news! You’re not the only one that feels like this! I really believe that most people feel like this. The only difference is the way we deal with it. How do you handle those thoughts and feelings of not being good enough? Or not being ready? Or the thought I have most often… ”who are you to be doing this”?

When those thoughts present themselves, what do you do? What is your thought process, and how do you overcome those feelings, or do you give into them?

Feeling like an imposter can stop you in your tracks. It will play tricks on your mind and hold you...

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Three Things I Did Differently That Skyrocketed My Release Results 10-Fold

releasing music Sep 14, 2022

Have you released music, and it was a total flop? Or maybe it wasn't a total flop, but it wasn't as great as you expected? Or perhaps you're looking to release music, but you're pretty overwhelmed by it, so you've just dipped your toe in?

Well, for me, I've had plenty of flops! I've released three albums and more than 20 songs, and I'm still releasing music. In fact, I have just released a new song at the time of this episode. Although I don't release music at the same level as I used to. I still release music to keep my toe dipped in the water! 

My first few releases weren't great. It took me a number of years to figure out what wasn't working and what I needed to change to have a successful release. 

Now, it's important to know that we don't all class "successful releases" the same way. So for me, a successful release makes the top 5 on the iTunes chart, it makes more than two radio charts, and it is added to many radio stations here and worldwide. In addition, have a...

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9 Things You Need To Know About Protecting And Getting Paid For Your Music | With APRA AMCOS

Do you know how to protect your music legally? Or do you know why you should sign with a Performance Rights Organisation (PRO), or do you know when, where and how your music can bring in money? Or what about how to protect yourself in the recording studio?

This week I spoke with Nikki Tuckwell from APRA AMCOS, the Performance Rights Organisation in Australia.

Nikki has an incredible amount of knowledge about your music, how to protect it and how to get paid for it. As independent artists, it's our job to look after and protect our music. Writing and recording can be very lucrative if you know how to make money from it. 

When you are releasing your music, there are things you need to know, from copyrighting your songs to protecting your music in the recording studio. 

We talk about how important it is to have contracts in place when you are writing and recording your music. Although it may not feel great to ask co-writers or producers to have a contract, it's certainly...

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3 Things I Wish I Knew About Getting My Songs On Digital Platforms

It might seem easy for some artists to get their music uploaded to all digital platforms like Spotify and Apple Music, but it can be a very daunting process. Even with experience, artists can still find it difficult.

When I first started putting my music on digital platforms, I had my husband do it because I just really had no idea. It was all a bit overwhelming, and he had some experience with recording, so I thought it was best to leave it to him. That is until I decided I wanted to take over the process, so I knew how to do it myself. 

I felt a little insecure and dependent on people when I first got into my second marriage because my confidence had taken such a knock when I divorced. I was pretty scared I would do something wrong and create a crap life for my kids! 

As an independent artist, you want to take control of every aspect of your career. So it's important to know how to do these things; even if at a later stage you pass the task onto someone else, I think...

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3 Reasons You Hear Crickets When You Release Music!

marketing music release Aug 24, 2022

Have you released music before, and all you heard were crickets? If not, let me ask you this! Have you posted on social media, and all you heard were crickets?

It's bloody frustrating! I know! I spent years trying to get my audience to engage with me. I know how critical engagement is, and if you're building a music career or at least trying to, you've probably heard about how important engagement is too. 

And it's essential for a few reasons. But the main reason you need people to engage with you is to grow your fanbase, and you want to grow your fanbase so that when you spend all of that time and money on creating your art and recording your music, people are going to listen!

Don't make the mistake of thinking that people should listen just because you record something. I think they should! But in reality, we are bombarded with choices, and if someone takes time to listen to your music, then it's a real privilege. 

When I released my first single, I was SO excited! I...

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Why Haven’t People Heard Of You?

branding music marketing Jul 13, 2022

I think it’s safe to say that we have all heard of McDonald’s and KFC, but…have we all heard of you? Probably not! So why has everyone heard of Maccas and KFC but not little old you?

It’s not because they are food and you’re not! There are tons of burger and chicken places that are freaking amazing, but we haven’t heard of them. The difference is the marketing of their very clear brand. 

I try not to talk to technical because when I first started out I didn’t know what the hell any of these words meant, and I didn’t really care either because I just wanted to release a damn song. But, it became very apparent over the years of my failure that I did need to care, so much so that I needed to dedicate time to learning all about music marketing. It’s funny because back then, I bloody hated anything to do with the biz side of music, but now, I am totally obsessed with marketing, not only music but business in general. And in...

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3 Things To Do When Friends And Family Don’t Support Your Career…

mindset Jul 06, 2022

Study hard, grow up, get a good job, buy a house, get married and start your family. That’s how most of us are taught to live our lives… then along comes us! Mum… I wanna be a musician … at that point, some of us are lucky to have the support of family and friends and others… well, not so much!

One of my artist friends in the music industry posted an Instagram story this week because she is really excited that she has new music coming out. Now, this artist is quite a decorated artist, with lots of radio play, chart spots, big award nominations and overall, I would say she has a very successful music career. So she posted one of those “yes or no” interactive things on Instagram and asked who was looking forward to her releasing her new music and one of her family friends clicked “no”. So she took to Instagram and said, you know it’s hard enough for artists as it is, let alone having to put up with family friends doing...

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Use These 3 Simple Steps To Build A Fanbase Ready For Your First Song Release

fanbase music marketing Jun 29, 2022

The best time to start building your fanbase was yesterday! The next best time is right now! Does it matter that you haven't released any music yet? No way! Not only does it not matter, but it's better that you haven't because when you are ready to release your first song.. you will have built a small but loyal fanbase that will be ready to fly your flag.

Many artists will record their music, leave no budget for marketing, and then wonder how they will get anyone to listen to it, let alone be a fan of their music 

Building a fanbase takes time. Maybe you post on social media, and all you get are crickets? Maybe you're consistent for a while, but motivation dies, so you give up until motivation strikes again.

I wish it didn't take a long time, but it does. It's a slow process that needs your time, dedication and consistent nurturing. Unless you have a big hit that draws fans in, I'm afraid you will have to take the long way. But that's not a bad thing! Building a...

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