Last Month I Was Diagnosed With ADHD And This Is How I Feel About It

adhd life Nov 23, 2022

 I went back and forth, deciding whether or not I really wanted to talk about this, and then I remembered that when I started this journey for Release Queen, I wanted to be honest, transparent and real with my audience because I always felt like that was lacking in the music industry especially.

Last month I turned 38! And instead of being sad about that, I decided that I would be grateful because, after all, when I turned 30, I almost had a nervous breakdown.

That’s when I decided to change. I remember it like it was yesterday. I was cleaning my bathroom floor, and it was almost like an epiphany, a really bad, nightmare epiphany that if I didn’t change my life and the way I was, then I would never own a house, never reach any goals, and I would be an awful mum, one my kids could never count on.  

So far, I have spent 8 years on my journey of self-improvement. So far, I have read or listened to over 80 books, half of which I have read at least twice....

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Mind And Body Check In ...60 Minutes With Health Coach Mick Davies

mental health mindset Nov 16, 2022

Talking about mental health does not happen anywhere near enough. There is so much stigma surrounding the topic that most people just do not talk about it. I talk about it because 8 years ago, I started my own personal health journey to work on my mental and physical health because I wasn’t coping. I felt down because I wasn't reaching my goals, tired because I wasn’t sleeping well, and I wasn’t sleeping well because I wasn’t eating right. Since I began my journey, I have excelled in my career, and I feel fulfilled and grateful for the life I have today. I am convinced that had I not made these lifestyle choices, then I would still be where I was 8 years ago. 

Today we talk to our guest Mick Davies from KUDOS Health. Mick is a health coach, mindfulness and meditation teacher, mental health first aider and personal trainer. I have been a client of Mick’s and have always been impressed with how he lives and breathes what he teaches. 

We go deep...

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This Is The Most Important Thing I've Ever Told My Own Kids... And Now You Need To Hear It.

life mindset Nov 09, 2022

I have three kids, two of my own and a wonderful stepson. They are 14, 14 and 16. I talk to them often, although sometimes I really wonder why I bother as it seems they already know everything! 

I wanna give you the same talk I gave them on several occasions, but to do that, I have to go back to when I was young. 

See, I came from a very poor and abusive household. My father recognised my musical talent, and he exploited it. I did way more than I ever should have as a child and really missed experiencing a normal childhood. But he and my mum did one amazing thing for me. Whether they meant to do it or not doesn’t really matter. What matters is what they did. 

I am the eldest child. There are 6 of us. My parents never did the same with the rest of my brothers and sisters, but I really wish they had because it has made me who I am today.

When I was young, my parents told me I could do, have or be anything I wanted to be! Which was quite an odd thing for them to...

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The 4 Different Types Of Spotify Playlists Your Music Can Land On

spotify Nov 02, 2022

When you upload your music to Spotify, you are creating huge potential for your music to be discovered, which is why you need to make the most of your Spotify platform. If you want to hear more about making the most of your Spotify platform, then clear HERE.

Aside from sending people to your music on Spotify, you should aim to get your music on Spotify playlists, as they can substantially boost your streams and put you in front of millions of people. Many artists are being discovered just like this.

With over 183 million subscribers, Spotify is a powerful platform and marketing tool. If you’re only using it to upload your music, then you are leaving a lot of opportunities for career growth on the table. 

One key way to boost your streams, increase your fanbase and raise your profile is through Spotify playlists. A playlist is a compilation of different songs. So instead of searching around Spotify for your favourite songs, you can create a playlist of your favourites,...

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3 Reasons You Should Treat Spotify Like Your Other Social Media Platforms

 When it comes to social media, indie artists tend to think that TikTok, Instagram and Facebook are the be-all and end-all for promoting their music. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. While they all help, focusing on one platform isn’t a smart marketing tactic. It’s dangerous. You are leaving yourself at the mercy of the platform creators. They can shut down or shut you down at any time! Change the algorithms and make it hard for you to be seen. You should always have an email list, which is first and foremost. You will see me bang on about email lists until the day I die. If you don’t have one, then don’t waste your money or time recording. Bringing people onto your email list is the only way to get rid of the social media middleman.

But social media is certainly a great tool to help build your music career, as long as it is part of a bigger marketing strategy. We all know the main social media platforms and how they work, but one...

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Make A Month Of Social Media Content Fast And Easy Like This...

Oh boy, I am super pumped to write about this topic! Mainly because I used to HATE creating content, and although I’m still not a massive fan of creating content, I have created a system that allows me to create a whole month of content in just a few days. 

I put out a tonne of content for Release Queen out every week. I have a Blog, Podcast, YouTube channel, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok… and I don’t even like social media! I prefer to live life in the moment rather than post everything I do to my social media accounts. But, as an artist, or an online content creator, it becomes a necessary evil to create a good amount of high-quality content. 

If you’re anything like me and pretty much all of my students, when you aim to create content, you either sit in front of the computer screen staring blankly for hours or you just post whatever is going on that day. This is precisely how NOT to create content. 

The idea behind creating content is to...

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Wanna Know The Best 3 Ways To Tell If You're Ready To Start Releasing Music Now?

mindset releasing music Oct 12, 2022

You might have already released music, or you might be thinking about releasing music, or you might be procrastinating on releasing music. But are you ready to take that step forward? Are you prepared to take the leap?

There are three main questions that you need to ask yourself before you commit to releasing music. Don’t be like me and just decide that it’s a good idea at the time, but also, on the other end of the spectrum, don’t procrastinate and never release your music. It’s about identifying if you are ready both physically and mentally to release your music. There are so many factors that contribute to a successful release and help you build your music career, and if you’re not ready to release properly and you haven’t asked yourself the right questions, then your release will flop. 

It’s much harder to get back up after your first failed release, and if you’ve done it a few times before, I want you to ask yourself these...

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Are You Confused About What Genre You Should Release Your Music In? Here Are 3 Tips To Help Choose!

branding recording Oct 05, 2022


I will start by saying that I could talk about this topic all day long because it was the bane of my existence for many of my music career years, and it has been apparent through my students that I am not the only one who has struggled with this. 

Choosing a genre to release your music in is easy for some, but for others, it can be an absolute nightmare. 

But, if you choose to sit on the genre fence, you are drastically reducing your chance of success. If you’ve read my other blogs, then you would know I absolutely LOVE sayings, and my favourite one that relates to this topic is “if you’re for everyone, then you’re for no one”. The more specific you can be about the market you are targeting, the better chance you will have to grow your fanbase. 

When I started writing and releasing music, I had always been a singer. I trained with some brilliant teachers and learned everything I could. I wanted to be able to sing most genres, and I...

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Wanna Know My Secret Weapon For Reaching Out To The Media When It's Time To Release Your Music?

music business tips Sep 28, 2022

It’s no secret that money can be pretty tight for indie artists. I’ve spent the majority of my 25 years plus years in the industry as an indie artist, so I get it. At times I’ve had the money for a publicist, but most of the time, I couldn’t afford one. 

Before I give you my secret weapon in today’s episode to help you overcome this little hiccup, let’s briefly discuss what a publicist is and how they can help your career. 

A publicist acts as the middleman between you and the media. They have relationships with many different media personalities and contacts throughout the industry. This puts them in a strong position to represent your work and, therefore, increase your publicity opportunities.

But! What happens when you can’t afford one? Or you forgot to budget for one, and you are releasing your music as an indie artist? The job falls in your lap, and if you have no contacts and no prior history or relationships, then you will...

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Are You Not Releasing Music Because You Feel Like An Imposter? Here Are 3 Ways To Crush That Feeling

mindset Sep 21, 2022

Do you feel like you’re not good enough? Or maybe you need a little more time to get it right? Or perhaps just a little more time to practice so you can improve? At what point are you ready? And at what point are you procrastinating because you’re scared that you might just not be good enough? Maybe you just feel like an imposter? 

This is what we call imposter syndrome.

But! There is good news! You’re not the only one that feels like this! I really believe that most people feel like this. The only difference is the way we deal with it. How do you handle those thoughts and feelings of not being good enough? Or not being ready? Or the thought I have most often… ”who are you to be doing this”?

When those thoughts present themselves, what do you do? What is your thought process, and how do you overcome those feelings, or do you give into them?

Feeling like an imposter can stop you in your tracks. It will play tricks on your mind and hold you...

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