3 Reasons You Should Treat Spotify Like Your Other Social Media Platforms

 When it comes to social media, indie artists tend to think that TikTok, Instagram and Facebook are the be-all and end-all for promoting their music. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. While they all help, focusing on one platform isn’t a smart marketing tactic. It’s dangerous. You are leaving yourself at the mercy of the platform creators. They can shut down or shut you down at any time! Change the algorithms and make it hard for you to be seen. You should always have an email list, which is first and foremost. You will see me bang on about email lists until the day I die. If you don’t have one, then don’t waste your money or time recording. Bringing people onto your email list is the only way to get rid of the social media middleman.

But social media is certainly a great tool to help build your music career, as long as it is part of a bigger marketing strategy. We all know the main social media platforms and how they work, but one platform artists forget to pay attention to is Spotify. While Spotify isn’t necessarily classed as a social media platform, it is a form of one, and when used correctly, it is an incredibly powerful marketing tool for your music. 

There are a lot of reasons why you should treat your Spotify with the same attention you do your other socials, but I want to give you 3 of the reasons I think are the most important reasons for treating Spotify like your other social media platforms. 

1. Spotify had 422 million unique users and 182 million subscribers in Q1 2022.
This makes Spotify the world’s biggest music streaming platform. If someone is looking for music, they are more than likely coming to Spotify. 

Just like your social media platforms, with the exception of users' saved music, Spotify uses algorithms to suggest music to its listeners, and if you can get the algorithms to work in your favour, then your music will be shared around the platform. Just like social media platforms, Spotify rewards users for spending time on their platform. Next week I will take a deeper dive into Spotify playlists and how they can be used to build your Spotify streaming numbers, so make sure you check back for next week's blog! 

Spending time building your Spotify account will show Spotify that you’re a serious artist. When they see you investing time in your platform and growing it, they will find you and seek out your music! Building a music career is a long game with so many pieces to the puzzle, and Spotify is one of them.

2. More streams equal more credibility and a larger fanbase. When you amass a large following on your social media platforms, you tend to grow your credibility as an artist. You are afforded more opportunities in the music industry when your credibility grows. Spotify is no different. There are ways to grow your Spotify followers and streams, and by doing this, you are creating credibility. As you are seen more on Spotify by new listeners, you will grow your audience.

When a venue, festival coordinator, radio Dj or media personality wants to learn about you, they will go to social media, but when they want to hear your music, they will check Spotify. In fact, when asked about my music career, the first thing people ask me is if my music is on Spotify. Large streaming numbers show industry professionals that you’re a serious indie artist. 

With the ability to pitch your songs to playlist curators and even create and share your own playlists, you have a chance to boost your streams, and although Spotify pays pretty crap money for our music, it’s still a source of passive income. 

The more your boost your credibility, the more opportunities you will have to make more money, play better venues, and be interviewed by more prominent media. 

3. You can add a lot to your Spotify page. Although you can’t directly communicate with people on Spotify, there are many ways to connect and grow your fanbase. Your Spotify artist page allows you to add a lot of information. 

  • Bio: You have an option to leave a bio, which allows you to tell listeners about yourself. This gives you an opportunity to show credibility instantly. Tell your fans what you want them to know about you. 
  • Concerts: You can create a Songkick account and connect it to Spotify, so fans know when and where you are playing. Fans can also link their Spotify to Songkick and receive notifications when their favourite artists are playing in their hometown.
  • Pictures: You can add your best promo pictures to your account! 
  • Merch button: Spotify is beta testing a new merch section where artists can link their Shopify accounts to Spotify and sell their merch.
  • Platform links: Spotify allows you to promote your other social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Having these links on your Spotify will allow listeners who have just discovered you to head over to your other social media platforms and connect with you there. 
  • Fan Support button: During Covid, Spotify added a contribution button to artists' pages which allows fans to donate money to their favourite artists. This is a huge advantage for artists because you can use your other social platforms to encourage people to not only listen to your music but support your music financially. YouTube won’t allow you to do this until you have 10k followers. There is no minimum for Spotify, so you can start making money straight away. 
  • Generate Picture-Perfect Spotify Codes: This is kind of like a QR code. It is a scannable tag that can be used to quickly and easily share or access a piece of content within Spotify. The codes can be generated for artist or brand profiles, playlists, albums and songs that can be shared on the rest of your social media profiles. This is a convenient marketing tool.

Overall, Spotify is just as, if not more, important and influential in your music career than all other social media platforms. It should be included in your content creation. You should be keeping your Spotify up to date with a recent bio and pictures, both professional and behind the scenes. Creating and sharing your own playlists, promoting your own music, and generating picture-perfect Spotify codes to share certain pieces of content to your platforms and email list. 

Spotify is a significant marketing tool and should be included in your overall content marketing plan. Just uploading your songs to Spotify isn’t using Spotify to its full potential. You are only scratching the surface when you upload your songs. 

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