The 4 Different Types Of Spotify Playlists Your Music Can Land On

spotify Nov 02, 2022

When you upload your music to Spotify, you are creating huge potential for your music to be discovered, which is why you need to make the most of your Spotify platform. If you want to hear more about making the most of your Spotify platform, then clear HERE.

Aside from sending people to your music on Spotify, you should aim to get your music on Spotify playlists, as they can substantially boost your streams and put you in front of millions of people. Many artists are being discovered just like this.

With over 183 million subscribers, Spotify is a powerful platform and marketing tool. If you’re only using it to upload your music, then you are leaving a lot of opportunities for career growth on the table. 

One key way to boost your streams, increase your fanbase and raise your profile is through Spotify playlists. A playlist is a compilation of different songs. So instead of searching around Spotify for your favourite songs, you can create a playlist of your favourites, kinda like a mixtape back in the 80s, only heaps faster, heaps better quality and heaps easier… but probably not as cool… ok, fine, I had mixtapes! 

Spotify offers different kinds of playlists, and not all are created equal, and not all are easy to get on. But knowing the difference between the types of playlists will help you know which ones your should be spending your time approaching. 

Here are the four different types of playlists.

1. Personalised playlists. These playlists are different for each listener and are based on their unique taste. These playlists are created by algorithms that are based on listeners' habits and the habits of similar listeners. Habits such as what they save, play, share, skip and like.

The more followers you can amass, the more of these types of playlists your music will land on. 

Popular personalised playlists include:

  • Discover Weekly
  • Release Radar
  • Daily Mix
  • On Repeat
  • Repeat Rewind

This is why sharing your Spotify links on your socials and building your Spotify platform is crucial. The more followers you have, the more the Spotify algorithm will recognise you and the more of these personalised playlists you will be added to. 

Remember, these are algorithmic playlists, so you can’t pitch to them, but you can increase your chances of landing on one by spending time building your Spotify following and promoting your Spotify profile. 

2. Editorial playlists. These are the ones we would all love to get on! I have been on one myself, and they generate tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of streams. There are thousands of editorial playlists, and you can tell which ones they are because they have the Spotify logo in the top left-hand corner.

These playlists are curated by Spotify editors. These playlists generally have hundreds of thousands and even millions of followers. You can pitch directly to Spotify editors through your Spotify artist page. All you have to do is click on “upcoming release” and pitch your song. They will ask you some questions about your song and give you the option to say a few words about it. I landed on my first editorial playlist before I even knew about pitching to Spotify, so even though pitching to Spotify is a great idea, you can still land on Playlists without pitching. 

No one really knows the exact criteria to be landing on these playlists, but building your Spotify profile, increasing your followers and spending time on your platform using all of the features will increase your chances of being added to a playlist. 

3. Listener’s playlists. These are the true hidden gems of Spotify. It’s other listener's playlists that can increase your exposure significantly, and your chances of getting on these playlists are much higher than the editorial lists. There are thousands of independent curators who create Spotify playlists that you can pitch your music to. These curators can be radio DJs, music bloggers, influential personalities in media, celebrities, YouTubers, businesses and more. 

Getting in front of these independent curators in your genre can change everything! Most of these playlists have their contact information available or their own links to submit your music directly. A lot of times, playlist curators will have some form of contact on their playlist. It might even be just an  Instagram handle. The most important thing to do when you see contact details and reach out to them is to ask for their submission process and follow it to the letter. There is nothing worse than an artist just sending music and ignoring their process. This is a surefire way to burn any opportunity of landing on their playlists. 

The more playlist curators you submit your music to, the more chance of exposure you will have. When choosing which playlist curators to submit to, make sure you do your homework. Check the genre of music they add to their playlist, and make sure you would be a good fit for their playlist. I used to worry about how many followers each playlist had, but now I focus more on how current the playlist is and how often it is updated. 

4. Your own playlist. Did you know you can create your own playlist and share it to your social media and your email list? You can encourage your friends and family to follow it and even encourage other artists to pitch their music to your playlist. Remember, your aim is to have your music streamed as many times as humanly possible. By creating popular playlists, you will have more streaming opportunities.

You can create all different kinds of playlists. Different genres, different holiday celebrations, moods and activities. Have fun creating your playlists and include your own music and your favourites. 

So there you have it, they are the 4 main types of playlists you can aim to have your music added to. Even though the money paid out to artists for streaming sucks, you have to remember your end game. It’s all about marketing. Gathering fans, funnelling them down through your platforms and onto your email list so you can have a direct line of communication where you can build your connection with them and turn them into superfans that will buy your music, buy your merchandise, come to your shows and support your career. This is how you generate an income. It’s a culmination of things you do in the music industry, not just one thing. 

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