Mind And Body Check In ...60 Minutes With Health Coach Mick Davies

mental health mindset Nov 16, 2022

Talking about mental health does not happen anywhere near enough. There is so much stigma surrounding the topic that most people just do not talk about it. I talk about it because 8 years ago, I started my own personal health journey to work on my mental and physical health because I wasn’t coping. I felt down because I wasn't reaching my goals, tired because I wasn’t sleeping well, and I wasn’t sleeping well because I wasn’t eating right. Since I began my journey, I have excelled in my career, and I feel fulfilled and grateful for the life I have today. I am convinced that had I not made these lifestyle choices, then I would still be where I was 8 years ago. 

Today we talk to our guest Mick Davies from KUDOS Health. Mick is a health coach, mindfulness and meditation teacher, mental health first aider and personal trainer. I have been a client of Mick’s and have always been impressed with how he lives and breathes what he teaches. 

We go deep into topics such as anxiety, retraining your brain for success, what mindset is and how we can develop one conducive to the life we want to live. 

In this episode, we discuss the following:

  • The definition of mindset 
  • How mindset can impact your life
  • How to determine your current mindset 
  • How you can change your current mindset
  • Tips for managing anxiety
  • How food can impact your mental health 
  • How to create better habits
  • What impact exercise has on our lives

In our discussion, we explore how poor eating and thinking habits can impact the overall quality of our life. 

In this episode, Mick gives a bunch of amazing tips and advice to help recognise and overcome anxiety, change the quality of your life and create better habits for a happier and more fulfilled life. 

Your overall mental and physical health will dictate the kind of life you live. A healthy mind is just as, if not more important, than a healthy body. We usually know deep down that we need to look after our physical health by eating right, exercising, and drinking water but what we may not know is how important it is to look after our mental health! 

Happiness and fulfilment come from being well in mind and body. It’s amazing the things you can achieve when you have your mind and body healthily working together to reach your goals. 

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The books we referred to in this episode are as follows:

  • The Power Of Habit - Charles Duhigg
  • Atomic Habits - James Clear    
  • The Gap and The Gain - Dan Sullivan
  • You, Happier - Dr Daniel Amen

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