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indie artist music business music release Nov 15, 2020

Singles vs albums, this has definitely changed a lot over the past five years. Majority of the time, you are always going to get more for your money when you buy in bulk, and generally speaking, that is the same for recording. The question is, however, should you be releasing them all at once as an album or should you release singles? 

In today's world of streaming, it is singles for the win. Sure if you really want to, then you can put all of the singles together and put out an album after you release each song. 

Here are three reasons to release your songs as singles: 

1. People have less to detract their attention. When you release a single, so one song, the focus is your one song, it's not the other five on your EP or album. When someone is focused on the one song, they can pay attention to it, decide if they like it and then start streaming it. Giving your audience too much choice at one time means that you have to consistently be creating more, whereas if you drip your singles, one album could last the year. 

2. It is financially more beneficial. Sure to begin with you should outlay the cost to record at least four songs, with the way the recording process is, it almost always works out cheaper to record in bulk. However, this doesn't mean that you need to go and release them all. If you treat them as their own entity, this allows you to spread the release of each track out over more time, meaning that you are consistently bringing out new material, but it has only been the initial outlay for the four plus tracks. 

3. Playlist Consideration. If you release an album to Spotify, that album is instantly old news, so while the may add one track to a playlist, it is highly unlikely that they will add any more from it because the rest of the material is technically old releases. So your best chance at being included on playlists and making passive income from streaming is to release each song first and then have on an album.

It is overall, more cost effective to record an entire project. However, the release of the material should be slow and consistent, this gives you finances a break, it helps you grow your audience organically, and it makes you look consistent which will help build your brand. So release singles! Not albums... well at least not until all singles have been released. 

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