What Can We Do To Move Forward During The COVID-19?

This is no doubt the toughest time ANYONE has faced in their lives no matter what industry I think, but now is not a time for negativity, or to be reflecting on and wishing things were different.

Now is a time for working as hard as you can to make sure you come out of this with the best possible result. I am not saying we shouldn't be harbouring these feelings or downplaying how serious COVID-19 is, we just need to continue to move forward, it's the only way!

You can't change what is happening but you can change your reaction to it. Let's discuss some tips on how to get through this ridiculously tough time and make sure we are shining when we come out the other end!.

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Do Independent Artists Really Need To Use Social Media?


With the current crisis, we are all facing, especially within the music industry, NOW is when you ABSOLUTELY need social media! I will be creating an episode very soon around ways we can stay pro-active and keep out heads above water in this unprecedented time. 

Social Media platforms are our own dedicated space on the internet, our own little part of the world where we can build and grow a loyal community of supporters. Sure with the algorithms always changing, it can be challenging, but business as a whole is challenging and perhaps more challenging then it has ever been in the time you and I have been alive.

Make the most of the social media opportunity; it's not something we have always had available. It creates more opportunities for those who are willing to work on it. Stay consistent and produce valuable content for your supporters, they will appreciate it, and it will grow their trust and loyalty for your brand.

There are a few DO's and DON'Ts when it...

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Consistency Really Is Key!


Consistency really is key! Key to what? I guess if you think about it, consistency is key to success in everything and maybe that is why it is so hard to stay consistent, no matter what your goals are. 

We often wait until motivation strikes to work on our goals, then once motivation is done, we take a long break, and it's this lack of consistency that interrupts our workflow and in the long run, leads to unfulfillment in goals and our lives. 

BUT! Did you know that if you practice being consistent, then it eventually becomes a habit, once something is a habit, it becomes easy!. 

One of my favourite books is called "The Power Of Habit" it changed my perspective on consistency, motivation and procrastination. 

There are a few ways to ensure that you are successful in creating consistency within your music business.

Let's talk about them! 

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Why Instant Gratification Is Dangerous For An Artist


We live in the world of instant gratification where we can have just about anything we want .... now! but can we really have a successful, sustainable career overnight? 

If you want a long and prosperous career as an artist then it is important to grow and develop your career over time. Wanting everything right now, to feel instantly gratified will lead you to lose sight of the overall goal, which is to have a successful career for as long as possible.

Instant gratification makes us feel good, at the time, it's a bit like shovelling down a bunch of fast and fatty feel-good food, it's great in the moment but isn't great for us in the long run. We don't want our career to be the fast, feel-good now food, we want to maintain healthy growth.

I have included 3 tips to help you grow organically... let's find out what they are!


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The Side Of Being An Artist Nobody Wants To Talk About!


As a creative person myself, I know all too well that most creative people want to focus on creating, they don't want to know about budgets, marketing, sales figures, tax and all of the business responsibilities.

If you're marketing your music and you plan on making a profit from it, then you are running a business! You must treat your career as a business because if you don't, you won't succeed.

Work on changing your mindset, you aren't just an artist, you have a career,
you run a business. Make time for yourself to work on and grow your business, create a schedule and dedicate time to completing tasks that will enhance the growth of your business.

I talk about all of this and more in the video, let's break down why we call it a business and why it is imperative to the success of your career that we start to grow and function as a business!

Let's discuss the side of being an artist nobody wants to talk about!

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