Music & Money (part 3 of 4) - The 3 Business Bank Accounts You Should Have

Welcome to part 3 of the "Music & Money" series. This one is all about the 3 business bank accounts you should have! 

*This information is based on my own personal experiences and research and is in no way professional advice. Before you make any kind of decision, financial or otherwise, you should get advice from a licensed professional.

After I researched the world of finance and how to effectively budget within your home and business, there was one common theme: the kinds of bank accounts you should have.

I could spend hours breaking down all of this information, but we don't have that kind of time here, so I will give you the main points that will help you start your journey to financial organisation. When I organised my bank accounts, my bills, business and spending, my whole life changed! I no longer have credit cards, loans or debts of any kind. All it takes is organisation, repetition and understanding. 

To get you started, below are the 3 bank accounts you...

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Music & Money (part 2 of 4) - What Business Records To Keep & How

Welcome to part 2 of the "Music & Money" series - "How To Organise Your Record Keeping".

*This information is based on my own personal experiences and research and is in no way professional advice. Before you make any kind of decision, financial or otherwise, you should get advice from a licensed professional.

Record keeping is an essential part of running a smooth and tax-effective business. The way you keep your records will affect your overall income. 

Firstly, what is record keeping? Although when you are running a business, you are legally required to keep certain information, it is also important to understand what income is coming and going out of your business to understand your business's overall health and financial position. 

There are many different ways that you can keep your records organised. You can keep them manually or use accounting software programs like QuickBooks, Xero, or MYOB. You can use invoicing apps or record-keeping apps such as...

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Music & Money (part 1 of 4) - 3 Benefits Of Running Your Music Career As A Business

money music business Sep 01, 2021

Welcome to part 1 of this part of this 4 part  YouTube Series "Music & Money."

*This information is based on my own personal experiences and research and is in no way professional advice. Before you make any kind of decision, financial or otherwise, you should get advice from a licensed professional.

In this 4 part music & money free YouTube series, I will cover the following:

Part 1: 3 Benefits Of Running Your Music Career As A Business (including how to maximise your profit at tax time)
Part 2: What Business Records To Keep & How
Part 3: The 3 Business Bank Accounts You Should Have 
Part 4: How To Create A Monthly Budget As A Musician

As I mentioned, the information that I will give you throughout this 4 part YouTube series, "Music & Money," is based on my own experience with my own business. I have spent a lot of time reading about and researching finance. If you would like to learn more, then the best 3 that I can...

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Save Thousands On Your Next Recording

recording Aug 25, 2021

I've had many indie artists tell me that they can't really get started or, once they start, they can't continue to build their music career because they can't afford to make music. I get it.. I've spent tens of thousands of dollars recording music, and I would always have to wait to save my money for the next project. It's a bit soul sucking!

But, over the years, I have learnt a few things that have made it possible to record on a much, much smaller budget than I had ever used in the past. 

I want to share 2 of the biggest ways to save hundreds and even thousands of dollars when you record your music. 

1. Find studios that will record the whole band at one time 
This one saved me a TON of money! Because of the way the internet has evolved the music industry, we can now connect with some of the best musicians in the world. I recently sent a bunch of songs off to Nashville along with just a demo of me and my guitar on my iPhone and had some of the world's...

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Can You Market Music With No Money?

Last week I talked about what music marketing (promotion) was and why it is a crucial part of your music career; you can check out that post HEREThe other side of this coin and a question I am often asked is, "can you market music on a budget?" 

The answer is yes, you can. It takes what I call the 3 C's! Creativity, Commitment and Consistency! Let's have a look at those!

1. Creativity 
Why creativity? How does that have anything to do with marketing? Let me ask you this.. do you have a favourite ad? Or favourite movie trailer? Is there a theme song for your favourite tv show that you can't get out of your head? If so.. then chances are, you were drawn to the marketing because it was creative.. it sucked you in, and you remembered it! That's why creativity is important. As I mentioned last week, there are so many artists releasing music and marketing it to the world that it all becomes one big noise, and your audience gets tired, unsure of where to...

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What Is Music Marketing And Its Role?

music marketing Aug 11, 2021

Music marketing kinda sounds intimidating, doesn't it? I remember thinking, Jesus, now I have to have a business degree to be a musician (although that can help); it's not at all necessary!

What is music marketing?
Music marketing is a term that is widely used in the music industry, but sometimes it can stump us as to what it actually is and why it's important. 

BUT.. if I use the term music promotion.. many of us creatives go .. oh yeah .. I know what that is. Well .. music marketing and music promotion are essentially the same things! To market your music is to promote your music. 

At its core, music is promoted the same way anything else is. It's promoted through email marketing, social media, live shows. But what makes it challenging is the need for it. Although music evokes an emotional response, unlike something like toilet paper, your music isn't needed! So you have to create a demand for your music. There is so much music in the world that it is impossible to hear...

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Got no gigs? don't put your foot on the brake! Do this instead...

covid-19 monetise music Aug 04, 2021

Whether you are releasing music or you aren't, at some point, the majority of musicians play gigs. For a lot of us, gigs are our main income, and here in Australia, once again, a large part of our music community is bleeding. Gigs have again dried up, and festivals didn't even get the chance to start back up and well.... with the borders opening and closing, if you choose to cross the border, it's really a roll of a dice whether you will be able to come back home or not. 

So that leaves us where.. well .. I've got one word for it, but I can't write that here so I guess we have to ask ourselves.. what can we do?

Some of us are lucky enough to be entitled to government support, and others totally miss out. It's not an easy time, but the only choice we have is to accept it for what it is and construct a plan that will move us forward while we have no live gigs. 

The worst thing you can do in a time of no shows/gigs is put your foot on the brake. I talk about how...

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Grow Your Contact List And See Your Music Career Succeed

music marketing Jul 28, 2021

When I get into this it will probably seem like it's common sense, but it wasn't until years into my career that I started to do it.. so don't be a fool like me .. get your spreadsheet out and start this TODAY! 

What am I even talking about? Ok.. you need to build a contact list, this means getting out a spreadsheet, or if you still like pen and paper, go with a contact journal and start. List every single person you have met in the industry and you have contact details for... this is the best place to start. This will take some time but you're running a business, so I guess it's just part of the job. 

This contact list will be like your bible. It will save you money, time and it will get you out in front of people, it will get your music out in front of people and it will help your music career grow.

Once you have started your list, jump onto the internet and start searching radio station contacts, email them, confirm that you have the right contact for sending music to...

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Posting On Social Media But No One Is Engaging? It's Gut Wrenching!

Are you posting on social media, but no one is really engaging with you? Yeah.. I've been there too! In fact, this business that I am working on is only fairly new, and so I am once again experiencing a bit of that. I know that it's disheartening, but here are 3 things you can do to get more engagement on your social media. 

TIME - Ok, I'm gonna get this one over with quickly because NO-ONE likes to hear it, and I don't blame ya. We are a world of instant gratification, so when we are told that things will take time, it can be a bitter pill to swallow. Here's the thing though, you can't build something amazing overnight; it just doesn't work that way, so growing a loyal and engaged following on your social media will take time. Now, how much time will depend on how active you are. So take a breather and remember, it can take months or even years to get people engaging regularly. It's a marathon, not a sprint. 

CONSISTENCY - Now, running off the back of...

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Do Instagram Growth Hacks Really Work? I Tried One ...

Ok, so I see a lot of different content out there talking about Instagram growth hacks, and it got me thinking.. do they really work? And, if they did, how much effort is really involved.

So this year, in January, as my New Year Resolution, I decided that I would give it a go. I decided to spend 90 days trying to amass a more significant Instagram following .. here's what I found!

I did a 90-day challenge where I would look at 12 different hashtags, and in each of those hashtags, I would comment on 12 different posts that I found interesting.
I kept it up for most of the 90 days.

Then, after about ten days... Instagram thought I was a bot, and they started kicking me out of my account, so then I had to spread my liking and commenting out over the day rather than in one hour.. apparently, Instagram doesn't like that. BUT I had substantial growth; each day was between 10-20 new followers.

So yeah, while these kinds of hacks work, the real trouble is the burnout and, with Instagram...

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