How Do You Get More Music Fans?

fans music marketing Apr 28, 2021

When you enter the music biz you to sell your music, there is one thing that you need ... fans! Just like with any company, they need clients or customers, and you need fans. 

But how do you find them?

Finding your fans takes a little bit of research coupled with some trial and error.. for me, it was very little research and a lot of trial and error. 

You have to market your music to people that like what you do. It's much easier to win a fan over if they already like the kind of thing you do instead of creating a fan out of someone that just doesn't align with your music or style. 

First things first.. research! If you know who you are as an artist, which I talk about a lot because it's super important, you can search for similar artists. By searching artists that are similar to you, you will be able to sneak a peek at their fan base on their social media, and this is always a great way to get an idea of the kind of people who will be fans of your...

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Are You Too Old To Release Music?

age career Apr 21, 2021

Can you start a music career when you are older? Sure you can, and so many are doing it too! 

Firstly the most important thing is to define your goals... ask yourself the question... If I start my music career, what is it that I want to achieve from it? Knowing what you want from your music career will help steer you onto the right path. Having strong goals and ideas will help you grow your career faster. 

I know many older people who have been in the same job for years, waking up doing the same thing day after day and one day, they realise that this probably isn't what they want to do for the rest of their life. That's when their dream kicks in, and they decide to go for it. 

I honestly believe, and from everything I have learnt, I can see that it absolutely is possible to start a successful music career when you are older. Sure, it's nice to be young and ready to take on the world, but being older has many benefits, such as maturity, finance, better...

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What Is The Difference Between Pre-Add, Pre-Save And Pre-Order?

spotify streaming Apr 14, 2021

This one always used to get me, perhaps because I don't really use Spotify. We have an Apple Music subscription. 

Pre-saves, pre-orders and pre-adds are a great way to create revenue before its actual release, hence the meaning of "pre". 

But what are the differences with all of the pre words?

PRE-ORDER: A pre-order is an option that will allow you to sell your release before the actual release date, kinda like if you pre-order a game (or so my kids tell me). A pre-order is usually a great way to improve your charting chances on a chart such as the iTunes chart. Instead of everyone needing to buy on the day, you can have your fans purchase it in dribs and drabs which all count towards that first day of sale. 

Instant gratification:  Instant gratification can also be used to allow listeners to purchase select tracks in a pre-order before a release, meaning that they will get access to whichever track you allow them to before the release of the album.


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Do You Need A Publicist To Release Your Music?

music release publicity Apr 07, 2021

Firstly, a publicist is a middle man between you and the media. 

It is the job of a publicist to build and maintain their relationships with the media. They continue to grow their database of contacts and their relationship with those contacts. 

Do you need a publicist? 

When I started, I hadn't even heard of the term publicist. Everyone just kept saying you're gonna need a publicist to release your music. So I hired one, and she was amazing! 

Now to answer the question of whether you need one or not really depends on a few things. 

Firstly, determine your goals for your release. What is it that you are trying to achieve? Is this your first release? How serious are you about it?

Second, how many of your own contacts do you have? If you had your music sent to media, could you then follow it up on your own? Could you successfully land your own interviews? 

Third, is it time in your career to be trying to take the next step? Have you done all that you can...

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Do I Need A Manager For My Music Career?

manager Mar 31, 2021

I have spoken about this one a little before; however, it's still a question that I am asked quite regularly. 

Here's the deal! You may feel like you can't get to the next level without a manager.. but .. I want you to sit down and assess everything in your career. Look at your brand. Are you putting out quality material? And I don't mean just by your standards, but by industry standards? Do you have a strong brand that is bringing in loyal followers? Are you playing your own shows and getting people there? How are your songs performing on the radio? And most importantly .. how much money are you bringing in from your career?

To find a decent manager, you need to tick off all of the above. Do not take on anyone as your manager for the sake of saying, "oh, I have a manager", You need to understand the role of a manager and how they can help your career. 

A manager has contacts within the music industry, they understand the business better than you, and they can...

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How To Have A Full-Time Music Career - And Still Pay The Bills

full time career income Mar 24, 2021

There is no quick answer to this question! 

I know that it is something that many people really want to do, and I don't blame them! We should all be able to do the one thing that we love... but I guess the question that is asked the most is how? How do I actually go from making my full-time income in a 9-5 job that doesn't make me happy? to having a music career full time?

It's done in stages! I am still scaling my business to where I am doing what I love more than the things that I don't love! 

Here is an example:

I was coaching singing privately and had about 30 students, so I brought in around $1200 per week teaching, but it was taking up all of my time and energy. I put a lot into my students, so it became very draining on me and not something I wanted to continue doing. 

Obviously, I still needed the income, which makes things quite tricky, so I had to sit down and construct a plan that would bring in similar amounts of money but use much less of my...

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How Do I Get Gigs

booking gigs Mar 17, 2021

I see this a lot! And, of course, we have all been hit so hard from the pandemic that we just want to get back out working! 

Before the pandemic and my operation that happened to go hand in hand lol, I was doing up to 6 gigs a week! It was a lot, and I have scaled back now! I usually talk more about becoming a recording artist and releasing music, but I also realise that a big part of your music career is playing gigs, whether it's to put food on your table or to get out and grow your audience. 

I have been gigging for around 20 years, and I have never been short of work. I built a strong reputation within the industry, which led me to be hired regularly. So let's talk about some things that will really help get those gigs. 

I'm going to use an example I saw last week. I was just scrolling through Facebook, and I saw in one of the music groups a video, a gigging musician looking for gigs.. has his own gear, car and is willing to travel. He put a video up of him...

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The Key To Getting Further In Your Music Career

music mindset Mar 11, 2021

Ok.. this is something that really gets my goat.. it really frustrates me!

I see many artists asking for help, asking for tips, wanting to get their career off the ground and wanting to be a huge success.. but .. they don't wanna work for it! Who do you think is going to build your career for you? Little night music career elves aren't gonna come in at night and do the work you're meant to do.

I know this because I waited for 15 bloody years for those elves, one day I got the jack of it and thought, maybe I will try taking some responsibility, putting in some effort and work and perhaps that will change the course I am on. 

Guess what! It worked, planning, goal setting and working each day towards building something actually works.. a little each day equals a lot..  nothing each day equals nothing. I talk a lot about mindset, and I get really sad that artists a lot of the time don't want to hear about it... but I am speaking from experience, as someone that has completely...

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Make More Money In The Music Industry - So You Can Do It Full Time!

music business Feb 24, 2021

I've heard a lot lately about Spotify and it not paying very much, and why would you put your music on there? Here's the thing.. if you're just recording, putting out music and relying on the money that you make from streaming or sales, chances are, you're gonna be a starving artist. 

With the exception of having a hit, the music industry is saturated with artists meaning that it's much harder to get your slice of the pie which means you need a few different flavours of pie! 

If you want to make a living from music, it is possible, I make a 6 figure living from music, but that is not all in sales of music and merchandise. You need what we call multiple streams of income. If your love and passion are in the music industry, then those income streams can be within the industry. 

Artists need to be smart with their careers, spread themselves over the industry a little more, do some teaching, get some gigs, create cool merchandise, look into demo recording, and...

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The Secret Behind Self Confidence | The Way It Actually Works

mindset self confidence Feb 19, 2021

I try.. to only talk about things that I know about .. and limiting self-belief and self-confidence issues is something I know a lot about. 

I wanna give you three real ways to help you with it because I know that it can be completely debilitating to battle with yourself consistently, telling yourself that you just don't have what it takes. 

The first thing that I want you to understand is that when we give our brain the chance to run wild and do as it pleases.. it will do just that, it will rely on all of the thoughts that we have programmed it with throughout our life. It is literally like letting a car drive itself .. never a good ending. But this is a great thing because it means that we can retrain our brain, we can tell it what to think and feel.. and because this research is scientifically backed, it makes it easier to accept. 

Next! Rinse and repeat.. do what makes you uncomfortable .. and do it often! The more you put yourself in an uncomfortable position,...

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