Make A Six-Figure Income From Music With 1000 True Fans!

I like to look at all of my goals mathematically... even though I have always despised maths, I do take comfort in the numbers when I feel like my goal might be a little unrealistic. So I want to show what I mean by breaking down the math! 

So you want to make money in the music industry? How much do you need to make? Well, for me, I know that I need to make a six-figure income to be able to do music full time. Now that sounds like a lot. But, broken down, it's really not. 

There is a concept that was created over a decade ago by Kevin Kelly, who has since revised his concept and is proven to be still relevant today, and I love it! It's called "1000 True Fans" I like to refer to them as your super fans! All you need to do is gather 1000 true fans throughout your career, and you can earn a comfortable six-figure income. 

What is a true fan? A true fan is a fan that buys everything you have. They go to every single show, and they pre-order everything you have! With...

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