Last Month I Was Diagnosed With ADHD And This Is How I Feel About It

adhd life Nov 23, 2022

 I went back and forth, deciding whether or not I really wanted to talk about this, and then I remembered that when I started this journey for Release Queen, I wanted to be honest, transparent and real with my audience because I always felt like that was lacking in the music industry especially.

Last month I turned 38! And instead of being sad about that, I decided that I would be grateful because, after all, when I turned 30, I almost had a nervous breakdown.

That’s when I decided to change. I remember it like it was yesterday. I was cleaning my bathroom floor, and it was almost like an epiphany, a really bad, nightmare epiphany that if I didn’t change my life and the way I was, then I would never own a house, never reach any goals, and I would be an awful mum, one my kids could never count on.  

So far, I have spent 8 years on my journey of self-improvement. So far, I have read or listened to over 80 books, half of which I have read at least twice....

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