Are You Too Old To Release Music?

age career Apr 21, 2021

Can you start a music career when you are older? Sure you can, and so many are doing it too! 

Firstly the most important thing is to define your goals... ask yourself the question... If I start my music career, what is it that I want to achieve from it? Knowing what you want from your music career will help steer you onto the right path. Having strong goals and ideas will help you grow your career faster. 

I know many older people who have been in the same job for years, waking up doing the same thing day after day and one day, they realise that this probably isn't what they want to do for the rest of their life. That's when their dream kicks in, and they decide to go for it. 

I honestly believe, and from everything I have learnt, I can see that it absolutely is possible to start a successful music career when you are older. Sure, it's nice to be young and ready to take on the world, but being older has many benefits, such as maturity, finance, better...

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