Adele announces a tour and her website crashes... how is she so popular?

adele artists Oct 27, 2021

Easy on me... I didn't love it on the first listen, but I took another listen, and the hooks in the song came shining through, and I was mesmerised. But seriously... how is it that this woman can go years without releasing music, laying low and then bam! She's got a new song, and it breaks Spotify records and even manages to crash her website?

In 2016, my husband got a phone call, his duo gig had been cancelled, and I was like, "why?" he said, "well... I just got asked to sing on the Adele tour" yeah, right! and he said "no I'm serious" and my response was "but you're not even the singer in the house" for you that don't know, he is a guitarist! So anyway, it turns out he was invited to sing in her male choir for the 2 Sydney shows. I was stoked because I got free tickets to the show. 

The concert started with a recording of her repeating the word "hello" and just a picture of her eyes with the famous cat-eye make-up. It was spine-tingling. She came out and won her...

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