How Do I Get Gigs

booking gigs Mar 17, 2021

I see this a lot! And, of course, we have all been hit so hard from the pandemic that we just want to get back out working! 

Before the pandemic and my operation that happened to go hand in hand lol, I was doing up to 6 gigs a week! It was a lot, and I have scaled back now! I usually talk more about becoming a recording artist and releasing music, but I also realise that a big part of your music career is playing gigs, whether it's to put food on your table or to get out and grow your audience. 

I have been gigging for around 20 years, and I have never been short of work. I built a strong reputation within the industry, which led me to be hired regularly. So let's talk about some things that will really help get those gigs. 

I'm going to use an example I saw last week. I was just scrolling through Facebook, and I saw in one of the music groups a video, a gigging musician looking for gigs.. has his own gear, car and is willing to travel. He put a video up of him...

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