How To Make Your Brand Make You Money!

brand career marketing money Aug 30, 2020

So we know that a brand is everything that you encompass as an artist, and I always babble on about how important it is to grow your brand. Well, there is a reason for that! Your brand is worth money! If you purchase a house, more often then not,  you will build equity over the years that you own the property. Just like the equity in your home, you can build equity into your brand. 

Yep, that's right! Your brand is an asset! Meaning, it works to bring you the dollars! Here is an example: 

Artist A is an extremely talented artist who engages really well with a crowd, can sing like no one else on the planet and has a polished overall look, but, not many people know him as he doesn't market himself or concentrate on the growth of his business, he prefers to focus on his craft. 

Artist B is a decent artist, who engages with the crowd, vocals are ok, but they are unique, and the overall look is pretty good. They aren't as talented as Artist A and haven't been playing...

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