If You Don't Network Then You're Wasting Your Time


Networking, for me, feels like death! I am what I like to call an introverted extrovert, I can be an extravert when I need to be, but in general, I like to keep to my own very small group of people. 

In the music industry networking is a crucial key to your success. You know the saying "It's not what you know, it's who you know?" well, the thing is, that is kinda true. Let me give you an example. There is an after awards party happening and I decided to head home early, but my other artist friend chooses to stay and mingle with everyone, this particular night the head of a well respected radion station happens to be there, my friend spends 10 minutes with this person, he gives he a card and says let me hear your music. That is an opportunity I missed out on, I didn't do the networking, and now she has a relationship with them, and I don't. 

Here are three reasons why you must network in this industry:

1. People are more willing to do more. People will go the extra...

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5 Easy Ways To Increase Your Fan Base Now


To be successful in business, you need an audience to sell to; every business needs clientele. Who is a musician's clientele? It's our fans. Without fans, we wouldn't be able to have a profitable career. Your Music is a business, and we need to treat it as one. Aside from always creating, we also need to be always promoting, building your brand and growing your fan base. 

Certain things need to be put into place to guarantee the growth of your fanbase, and beyond implementing these, you also need to be consistent. Without consistency, there is little to no hope of growing your fan base.

1. Know who you are and who your target audience is. Knowing who I was and who my target audience is, took me a very long time to learn but knowing who you are as an artist will then allow you to focus on who your target audience is. Why is your target audience so important? Remember, you are looking for potential fans that will be interested in your style of music,...

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