Wanna Know The Easiest Platform To Create Artwork?

artwork canva Jan 26, 2022

I get so excited whenever I talk about this platform because it is easily the platform I use the most! And it is absolutely my favourite! AND as a bonus, the couple that created it are Australian, so I cannot sing the praises of this one enough! 

Alright, what the hell am I talking about??? I'm talking about a platform that can do almost anything you need for artwork, CD covers, posters, YouTube thumbnails, Facebook banners, Instagram videos, ads, TikTok posts, resumes, cards Merchandise, basically anything!! And the best part is that it is SO freaking easy to use! I am talking about CANVA

I had photoshop there for a while, and I wanted to stab myself in the damn eye; it was that bloody brain draining. But this platform is just so good! I can literally remove the background from an image with one click! I just had to reformat my entire computer just to get adobe off it! So yeah... me and adobe aren't friends. 

Indie artists don't generally have much of a...

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