Get Your Captions Right! It's Costing You Fans!

captions social media Feb 10, 2021

So .. I started up my Instagram page about 8 months ago, but I wasn't very focused on it until the last 2 months. 

I set myself an Instagram growth challenge at the beginning of the year where I spend 30 minutes a day on Instagram and boy has it been an eye-opener.. holy crap! If I've learnt anything .. it is absolutely what not to post.. there is some utter crap posted on there .. I mean some of the captions are so thoughtless that it makes me mad and even if I liked the picture I'm not about to physically press like because I am too annoyed. 

Watch the video for some examples of what not to write...

But in terms of what to write.. make an effort, think about what people might find interesting .. but not too obscure .. cus some of them are so left of field I take the time to read but feel dumber for reading. 

Be thoughtful, think about what is interesting to your audience and don't make it all about you all of the time! Get them involved, aks them...

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