Sky Rocket Your Career By Doing This One Simple Thing

Ok, before I get into this, I want to fully disclose that this idea and lifesaver is the best piece of advice I have ever taken. It comes from Graham Cochrane, the owner of the recording revolution, business coach and entrepreneur.

Now I am well aware that when I give you the advice, most of you will dismiss it, or you’ll have an excuse or reason for why you can’t do it. But this one piece of advice changed the way I do everything, and I credit it to my success and ability to stay focussed, motivated and dedicated to my life goals.

Alright .. here goes! Once a year, plan to get away! Just you, it doesn’t matter where just somewhere away from your usual creative space. This is time for reflecting on the year that has passed and planning the year ahead. 

Here’s the thing, we think about achieving something, get super motivated and then the flame burns out, and we spend the rest of the year doing a bit here and there and throwing spaghetti at the wall...

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