3 Things You Might Experience When You Are Not Being Yourself

I've tried to be just about everyone else other than myself, and it wasn't until I decided just to be me did things start to happen for me. It took most of my life to be ok with being myself, but when I kept failing at trying to be someone else I realised, maybe I'm doing something wrong. It turns out that being yourself is actually the easiest one to choose. In fact, it's the only one you're qualified to be!. 

When you live your life trying to be anyone but yourself you run the risk of creating a version of you that no one, including yourself, will like, and that can have a negative impact on your overall health. 

Here is what you might feel if you're trying to be someone else:

1. You might feel like a fraud. I thought if I just copied their music style, or her look, her sound, their Instagram page or their personality then maybe people will like me, it's working for them right? Yes, it was working for them, but when I tried to do it, it felt weird, it...

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