Got no gigs? don't put your foot on the brake! Do this instead...

covid-19 monetise music Aug 04, 2021

Whether you are releasing music or you aren't, at some point, the majority of musicians play gigs. For a lot of us, gigs are our main income, and here in Australia, once again, a large part of our music community is bleeding. Gigs have again dried up, and festivals didn't even get the chance to start back up and well.... with the borders opening and closing, if you choose to cross the border, it's really a roll of a dice whether you will be able to come back home or not. 

So that leaves us where.. well .. I've got one word for it, but I can't write that here so I guess we have to ask ourselves.. what can we do?

Some of us are lucky enough to be entitled to government support, and others totally miss out. It's not an easy time, but the only choice we have is to accept it for what it is and construct a plan that will move us forward while we have no live gigs. 

The worst thing you can do in a time of no shows/gigs is put your foot on the brake. I talk about how...

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How COVID-19 Will Change The Music World For The Better

Article as seen in Thrive Global

It was in times of uncertainty, difficulty, fear and hardship that some of our most successful businesses were created, and this time is no different!

Had I not experienced this myself, then I would never say it, but COVID-19 has changed the music industry, and I think it's for the better. Of course, it is completely heartbreaking that we have lost businesses throughout the course of the virus and of course, the economy is suffering majorly, but when this all dies down, and things begin to return to whatever our new normal may be, one thing will have changed, one thing will have improved and that one thing will open up a world of business opportunities for the music industry. 

COVID-19 has forced us to move online! A portion of the world has refused to be online, and right now if they want to enjoy at least some of the luxuries they have had in the past, then they need to follow. What does this mean for the music industry?


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Don't Do This During The COVID-19


You can choose to be impacted or impactful, but just remember, every choice we make has consequences, good or bad. 

We all know that it is a difficult time in life at the moment, for the entire world, but if you choose to stop, give up, not move forward and choose the negative path or mindset, then this will have an impact on your brand.

People are looking for positives, people want to laugh, they want to have fun, be entertained, that's why we use social media. You have a unique position to be able to share any message you have to an audience through your social media platforms. Choose wisely! You will be remembered for what you share, remembered for your attitude and remembered for your actions during the COVID-19. You will be remembered by your supporters/fans, friends, family and your industry!. I cannot stress enough that you are being watched! Social media can be very dangerous if you don't use it well, it can have severe...

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What Can We Do To Move Forward During The COVID-19?

This is no doubt the toughest time ANYONE has faced in their lives no matter what industry I think, but now is not a time for negativity, or to be reflecting on and wishing things were different.

Now is a time for working as hard as you can to make sure you come out of this with the best possible result. I am not saying we shouldn't be harbouring these feelings or downplaying how serious COVID-19 is, we just need to continue to move forward, it's the only way!

You can't change what is happening but you can change your reaction to it. Let's discuss some tips on how to get through this ridiculously tough time and make sure we are shining when we come out the other end!.

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