6 Steps To Finding A Producer For Your First Song Release - One That Actually Cares!

When I started out and was looking for my first producer, I was just 13 years old. This could have gone one of two ways! One, they saw parents with money, and they would squeeze us for every penny, or two, they would see a 13-year-old girl who spent her entire school holiday periods busking to make money to record her first EP and treat her well!

Thank the lord it was the latter of the two! But we aren't all that lucky. I learnt early in my career that people were almost always only going to help if something was there for them. In saying that, I understand that there should be give and take and of course, in business, people need to make money. But! That doesn't mean they should be able to squeeze you for everything you have and not have any interest in what you're doing. 

Have you felt like that? Gone to see producers who just don't seem to care as much as they should? Or you haven't really thought about how important the connection between you and your producer is? Let me...

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