Mind And Body Check In ...60 Minutes With Health Coach Mick Davies

mental health mindset Nov 16, 2022

Talking about mental health does not happen anywhere near enough. There is so much stigma surrounding the topic that most people just do not talk about it. I talk about it because 8 years ago, I started my own personal health journey to work on my mental and physical health because I wasn’t coping. I felt down because I wasn't reaching my goals, tired because I wasn’t sleeping well, and I wasn’t sleeping well because I wasn’t eating right. Since I began my journey, I have excelled in my career, and I feel fulfilled and grateful for the life I have today. I am convinced that had I not made these lifestyle choices, then I would still be where I was 8 years ago. 

Today we talk to our guest Mick Davies from KUDOS Health. Mick is a health coach, mindfulness and meditation teacher, mental health first aider and personal trainer. I have been a client of Mick’s and have always been impressed with how he lives and breathes what he teaches. 

We go deep...

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3 Tips To Help Improve Your Mental Health In The Music Industry

mental health Mar 30, 2022


A study performed by MusicTank and the University of Westminister found that 68.5% of respondents stated they experienced depression. They found that musicians are three times more likely to experience depression or anxiety. The main reasons found were:

Poor working conditions
A lack of recognition
Physical impacts of a musical career
Being a woman in the industry

Mental health is something that many of us don't like to talk about. But the impact of poor mental health is so devastating that I often talk about it within my family and circle of friends and in these blogs. The more we talk about it, the more we know that we aren't alone. 

During covid especially, our mental health took a real knock. So many of us in so many different industries were impacted. But as musicians, we were not only faced with having no money, not being able to afford to live, and the pressure of finding alternative work, but our creative brains weren't being nourished, which in turn...

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Oh Sh#t I Have Writer's Block!

If I know that I have to write x amount of songs for a new project, you can just about guarantee I will have songwriter's block, without a doubt I will sit at a writing session in silence and hope that it will come to me soon, before my co-writer works out that I'm a fraud. Even though I have won 2 Australian Songwriting Awards, I still question myself and I still get the block. We all get it at some point, but it's what we do about it that determines if we will be able to write a song. Here are some tips and techniques I have used to cure songwriters block and write a great song.

1. Be prepared. Many times I have gone into a songwriting session either with someone or even just by myself, and I haven't prepared myself. Have a really good think about what you want to write about, jot down some ideas. Write down some lyrics, ask yourself, what type of song do you want to write? Fast? Slow? What genre will it be? Keep this in a songwriting journal (I call mine the Idea...

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Criticism Sux - But Here Are 3 Tips To Help With It

I felt completely compelled to talk about this topic! Mainly because I have always hated criticism so much that I was never willing to listen to anybody, and of course, that held me back for a long time oh and cost me a lot of money!

Eventually, I have learnt not only how to effectively take criticism but I have learnt to love it, of course only if it is constructive. So it is important to first understand the difference between constructive and destructive criticism. 

Constructive criticism comes from a place of good intention, offered up as a way to improve your current situation, although it can still feel insulting. Whereas destructive criticism expresses fault and even disappointment or judgement, this kind of criticism isn't helpful and will always create a negative environment. 

We must understand that feedback is important, as long as delivered respectfully, as it is the way that we can learn and grow. 

Here are some tips for dealing with...

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5 Benefits Of Rejection That Will Surprise You (In A Great Way)

Ok, if you are like me, the thought of rejection might make you feel sick to your stomach. I like to keep everyone happy; I'm not one to want to "rock the boat", I don't even want to get in the boat! But these days, I have grown a lot as a person, and I have learnt that rejection is necessary for growth.

Your most dangerous place to live is in your comfort zone!. You can't grow, you can't move forward because you're scared of stepping outside of that big, warm, fuzzy bubble you have created for yourself and your life. 

It's time to move! Comfort needs to pack its bags and find a new home so you can move on and start achieving. I have struggled with rejection my whole life, in fact, I honestly feel like I have had more than my fair amount in my lifetime, but it has made me who I am today, it has made me stronger, and it has made me work harder. Here are 5 benefits of rejection:

1. It makes us re-evaluate ourselves. Sometimes we just get stuck on the merry-go-round, in that...

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