Why Haven’t People Heard Of You?

branding music marketing Jul 13, 2022

I think it’s safe to say that we have all heard of McDonald’s and KFC, but…have we all heard of you? Probably not! So why has everyone heard of Maccas and KFC but not little old you?

It’s not because they are food and you’re not! There are tons of burger and chicken places that are freaking amazing, but we haven’t heard of them. The difference is the marketing of their very clear brand. 

I try not to talk to technical because when I first started out I didn’t know what the hell any of these words meant, and I didn’t really care either because I just wanted to release a damn song. But, it became very apparent over the years of my failure that I did need to care, so much so that I needed to dedicate time to learning all about music marketing. It’s funny because back then, I bloody hated anything to do with the biz side of music, but now, I am totally obsessed with marketing, not only music but business in general. And in...

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Use These 3 Simple Steps To Build A Fanbase Ready For Your First Song Release

fanbase music marketing Jun 29, 2022

The best time to start building your fanbase was yesterday! The next best time is right now! Does it matter that you haven't released any music yet? No way! Not only does it not matter, but it's better that you haven't because when you are ready to release your first song.. you will have built a small but loyal fanbase that will be ready to fly your flag.

Many artists will record their music, leave no budget for marketing, and then wonder how they will get anyone to listen to it, let alone be a fan of their music 

Building a fanbase takes time. Maybe you post on social media, and all you get are crickets? Maybe you're consistent for a while, but motivation dies, so you give up until motivation strikes again.

I wish it didn't take a long time, but it does. It's a slow process that needs your time, dedication and consistent nurturing. Unless you have a big hit that draws fans in, I'm afraid you will have to take the long way. But that's not a bad thing! Building a...

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3 Ways To Get More Spotify Streams

music marketing May 26, 2022

Streaming music is the dominant way for music listeners to consume music in 2022. Of course, we don't all love it, but that's how it is! I've had tons of students ask me why Spotify isn't streaming their music even though it's good?

Getting thousands, tens or even hundreds of thousands of streams on Spotify might seem impossible. But, while it's not necessarily super easy, it is totally possible! 

Imagine waking up to thousands of streams on your brand new single! It's an insane feeling to know that literally thousands of people have been listening to your new music .. so .. how do you make that possible?

Here are three ways to get more streams on your Spotify! 

1. Make it the only streaming option in your marketing campaign: Personally, I am an Apple Music girl. I have a subscription and prefer to use it over Spotify. But as an artist, you want to give your listeners as many options as possible. So you tell them, "stream my song on Spotify, Apple Music or Google...

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Why You Need Spotify Even Though It Pays Poorly

music marketing spotify May 11, 2022

There is a bit of back and forth in the music industry around streaming and how much an artist actually gets from streaming platforms such as Spotify. Some say it's just not worth it and that we should stay away from streaming platforms and just sell our music at our shows.

While I definitely agree that it is frustrating to be paid peanuts for our music, I do not agree that we shouldn't put our music on the platforms. Unless you're Taylor freakin Swift, who doesn't need the extra pocket money and doesn't need the exposure, you should be on there! Streaming is here to stay, and if you want to be here to stay, you better jump on board the stream train ... choo choo!

Here are three compelling reasons why! 

1. It's an inexpensive marketing tool: I think some of the people that tell you to stay off Spotify could be some of the same that are against music marketing and believe your "music should speak for itself". However, when you have music to sell, you have a...

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How To Release Music With Zero Fans

If you're releasing music, most would assume you have an audience to release to, right? But what if you don't? Should you still be releasing music? Well, I think you have 2 options. 

Option 1: Don't release your music until you have built up a fan base of people that will be ready to listen to your music, share it and support it. That used to be my only answer, but there is another option.

Option 2: Change your mindset around the goal of your release. Most of us release music because we want lots of people to hear it, share it, buy it, but what happens when we don't know lots of people, or we don't have the support of lots of people when we release it? I'll tell ya... nothing .. nothing happens! I know because I've done it! But it's what I did after the release that mattered! 

Instead of releasing my music and hoping and praying people would hear it, the radio would play it, and it would go viral, I used it as a marketing tool to build my fan base. Instead of doing...

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Can You Market Music With No Money?

Last week I talked about what music marketing (promotion) was and why it is a crucial part of your music career; you can check out that post HEREThe other side of this coin and a question I am often asked is, "can you market music on a budget?" 

The answer is yes, you can. It takes what I call the 3 C's! Creativity, Commitment and Consistency! Let's have a look at those!

1. Creativity 
Why creativity? How does that have anything to do with marketing? Let me ask you this.. do you have a favourite ad? Or favourite movie trailer? Is there a theme song for your favourite tv show that you can't get out of your head? If so.. then chances are, you were drawn to the marketing because it was creative.. it sucked you in, and you remembered it! That's why creativity is important. As I mentioned last week, there are so many artists releasing music and marketing it to the world that it all becomes one big noise, and your audience gets tired, unsure of where to...

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What Is Music Marketing And Its Role?

music marketing Aug 11, 2021

Music marketing kinda sounds intimidating, doesn't it? I remember thinking, Jesus, now I have to have a business degree to be a musician (although that can help); it's not at all necessary!

What is music marketing?
Music marketing is a term that is widely used in the music industry, but sometimes it can stump us as to what it actually is and why it's important. 

BUT.. if I use the term music promotion.. many of us creatives go .. oh yeah .. I know what that is. Well .. music marketing and music promotion are essentially the same things! To market your music is to promote your music. 

At its core, music is promoted the same way anything else is. It's promoted through email marketing, social media, live shows. But what makes it challenging is the need for it. Although music evokes an emotional response, unlike something like toilet paper, your music isn't needed! So you have to create a demand for your music. There is so much music in the world that it is impossible to hear...

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Grow Your Contact List And See Your Music Career Succeed

music marketing Jul 28, 2021

When I get into this it will probably seem like it's common sense, but it wasn't until years into my career that I started to do it.. so don't be a fool like me .. get your spreadsheet out and start this TODAY! 

What am I even talking about? Ok.. you need to build a contact list, this means getting out a spreadsheet, or if you still like pen and paper, go with a contact journal and start. List every single person you have met in the industry and you have contact details for... this is the best place to start. This will take some time but you're running a business, so I guess it's just part of the job. 

This contact list will be like your bible. It will save you money, time and it will get you out in front of people, it will get your music out in front of people and it will help your music career grow.

Once you have started your list, jump onto the internet and start searching radio station contacts, email them, confirm that you have the right contact for sending music to...

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Make A Six-Figure Income From Music With 1000 True Fans!

I like to look at all of my goals mathematically... even though I have always despised maths, I do take comfort in the numbers when I feel like my goal might be a little unrealistic. So I want to show what I mean by breaking down the math! 

So you want to make money in the music industry? How much do you need to make? Well, for me, I know that I need to make a six-figure income to be able to do music full time. Now that sounds like a lot. But, broken down, it's really not. 

There is a concept that was created over a decade ago by Kevin Kelly, who has since revised his concept and is proven to be still relevant today, and I love it! It's called "1000 True Fans" I like to refer to them as your super fans! All you need to do is gather 1000 true fans throughout your career, and you can earn a comfortable six-figure income. 

What is a true fan? A true fan is a fan that buys everything you have. They go to every single show, and they pre-order everything you have! With...

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How Do You Get More Music Fans?

fans music marketing Apr 28, 2021

When you enter the music biz you to sell your music, there is one thing that you need ... fans! Just like with any company, they need clients or customers, and you need fans. 

But how do you find them?

Finding your fans takes a little bit of research coupled with some trial and error.. for me, it was very little research and a lot of trial and error. 

You have to market your music to people that like what you do. It's much easier to win a fan over if they already like the kind of thing you do instead of creating a fan out of someone that just doesn't align with your music or style. 

First things first.. research! If you know who you are as an artist, which I talk about a lot because it's super important, you can search for similar artists. By searching artists that are similar to you, you will be able to sneak a peek at their fan base on their social media, and this is always a great way to get an idea of the kind of people who will be fans of your...

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