Are You Confused About What Genre You Should Release Your Music In? Here Are 3 Tips To Help Choose!

branding recording Oct 05, 2022


I will start by saying that I could talk about this topic all day long because it was the bane of my existence for many of my music career years, and it has been apparent through my students that I am not the only one who has struggled with this. 

Choosing a genre to release your music in is easy for some, but for others, it can be an absolute nightmare. 

But, if you choose to sit on the genre fence, you are drastically reducing your chance of success. If you’ve read my other blogs, then you would know I absolutely LOVE sayings, and my favourite one that relates to this topic is “if you’re for everyone, then you’re for no one”. The more specific you can be about the market you are targeting, the better chance you will have to grow your fanbase. 

When I started writing and releasing music, I had always been a singer. I trained with some brilliant teachers and learned everything I could. I wanted to be able to sing most genres, and I...

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Save Thousands On Your Next Recording

recording Aug 25, 2021

I've had many indie artists tell me that they can't really get started or, once they start, they can't continue to build their music career because they can't afford to make music. I get it.. I've spent tens of thousands of dollars recording music, and I would always have to wait to save my money for the next project. It's a bit soul sucking!

But, over the years, I have learnt a few things that have made it possible to record on a much, much smaller budget than I had ever used in the past. 

I want to share 2 of the biggest ways to save hundreds and even thousands of dollars when you record your music. 

1. Find studios that will record the whole band at one time 
This one saved me a TON of money! Because of the way the internet has evolved the music industry, we can now connect with some of the best musicians in the world. I recently sent a bunch of songs off to Nashville along with just a demo of me and my guitar on my iPhone and had some of the world's...

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How To Find The Right Producer For You

recording May 05, 2021

Finding a producer for me was like trying to find a life partner... that might seem a bit much, lol, but it indeed was, and there are a few reasons for that. 

When you decide to record music, it's a huge commitment both financially and emotionally. I want to talk about your emotions a little bit here because while they can be a great thing to keep you motivated and on track, they can also help you make some abysmal decisions. 

So I have a few questions here that you need to ask before choosing your producer. 

Firstly, get a list of producers together that you are looking at using. Once you have got your list, start contacting them. 

Aside from making sure that they are in your budget, I want you to ask some questions. 

  1. Does this producer have any work that I can listen to? If so, do I like the sound of it? Because if you don't like the sound of it, then you aren't going to like what they do for you. 
  2. Does this producer seem genuinely interested in my...
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I've Recorded A Song & Got No Money Left ... What Now?

music marketing recording Nov 29, 2020

I've recorded my music, used all of my budget and I don't know what to do next.. I can't tell you the number of times I hear this, artists spending all of their budgets on recording their music, getting the final product and then having absolutely no idea what to do with it. 

The thing is, you need a plan and in reality, once you have your song already recorded, you can only plan for the future. So I suggest taking your time, don't rush out and release it! Develop a plan for its release.

If you have already recorded your music, then here are the next 3 things that you need to do! 

1. WAIT! Don't just release it. Before releasing your music you need to have a few things in place, the music is unheard, so don't stress about rushing it out there, this will only lead to failure. So that is my first tip, just slow down, let's wait and create a bit of a plan. Set your release date for your single around 4-5 weeks in the future, for an album approx 2 months. 


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Record Deal VS Distribution Deal

What the hell is the difference between a record deal and a distribution deal?

I used to have no idea, but when I signed my very first record deal, I quickly learnt the difference between the two of them. Here is what they are and what you need to consider before ever signing one:

Recording Contracts. Record deals or recording contracts aren't seen nearly as much as they once were. A record deal is a contract between you as an artist and the record label, not always, but usually, a record contract is where the label will pay for you to record your album, they will also pay for the distribution and the marketing of the product, this also means that they own the copyright in the records and also the masters, meaning they can do pretty much whatever they choose to with your music until the end of the contract. They can put it on the shelf never to be released if they want to. 

I was fortunate with my recording contract; I was signed with a great label who worked very hard...

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Don't Co-Write Without A Split Sheet!

Split sheets, I don't like them but let me tell you why they are absolutely necessary. Firstly, a split sheet is a type of one page agreement that is signed by all of the parties involved in writing a piece of music. Each writer of the song will agree to a percentage of the song that they will own.

To be honest, I used to feel a little rude asking someone that I am co-writing with to sign a document that details the agreed percentage slip of the work we were creating together; it kinda made things a little awkward to move forward and start writing together, but, that is really just perception. It's not that I don't specifically trust who I write with, it's that I care enough to protect all writers involved. Your music is your creation, and it hurts when it's taken because it was never protected correctly, now why not prevent that by putting this simple measure in place. Trust me; you will thank me if you ever find yourself in a dispute with a co-writer for royalties that...

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Everything You Need To Know When Heading Into The Recording Studio

Choosing where and who to record with is a daunting task, who do you choose? Why? What are the questions I should be asking?

Today I spoke with producer Simon Johnson who answers a tonne of questions you might have and may not even know to ask! 

If you are looking to ever go into the studio, then you need to listen to these fantastic tips!

1. Many artists say they want to find a great producer, what exactly is a producer, i.e. what is their role in the process. A producer wears many hats in the modern-day recording world. In the most simple form, a producer is the one that has the ideas and brings together using all of the sounds that will reach the end sound goal of the song. However in today's society with a lot of indie artists on a small budget, a producer is starting to do many things, from helping the artist create their songs, through to playing on, producing and in some cases mixing and mastering their songs. 

2. You work with new and...

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