Make A Month Of Social Media Content Fast And Easy Like This!

Whether you enjoy creating content or you don't, the thing is, it takes a lot of bloody time!

I'm not saying I'm not a huge fan of creating content. That's not exactly true. I love to create content, I just don't like scheduling it all and then writing captions. My brain hurts! I don't know what to post for the day.

But! If you've chosen a career that includes content creation, then you need to find the best and fastest way to create content for ALL of your platforms.

In this episode, I give you the 3 super handy steps of the framework I use to create my own content. This strategy allows me to create a month of content for all of my platforms in just two days!

This content creation framework is what I live by, and it's what I teach my students.

The one thing your fans are going to expect from you is consistency! If you put out 10 pieces of content one week, none the following and maybe another one the week after, you will confuse your audience. If your audience is confused, then they won't stick around.

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