3 Reasons You Should Treat Spotify Like Your Other Social Media Platforms

Social Media is a great marketing tool available to artists. It gives us a platform to share and connect with potential fans, but one great platform artists don't use to their full potential is Spotify! 

I never did either! After I eventually put my music on Spotify (I didn't want to) I kinda just left it there to do whatever it does. But, as time moves on, Spotify has grown and developed the platform into a tool that all artists should be taking advantage of. 

Spotify has over 422 million listeners ready to discover your music! You can add a lot to your Spotify page. 

You can add:
- a bio
- your concerts
- pictures
- your social media links
- a fan contributor button 
- generate sharing codes

Not to mention, there are many opportunities to land your music on playlists, which we will talk about in next week's episode. 

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