This Is The Most Important Thing I've Ever Told My Own Kids ... And Now You Need To Hear It.

In this episode, I dig pretty deep to share with you some lessons I try to pass on to my children. I was a young mum of 2 babies when I became single and broke! I knew that I had to get a job to put food on the table for my kids, but I also knew that I wasn't cut out for the9-5 lifestyle, I had tried it before, and it affected my mental health immensely. But I was willing to do it for my kids because we would do anything for them.

But it was really at that moment that I realised I was about to teach my kids something very valuable. I was about to make a choice that would impact how they saw the world and their future.

 So much to the detriment of my family, I decided to once again pursue my music career. See, I wanted to teach my kids that they can do, have and be whatever they choose. If I decided to run back to safety and security but for me, unhappiness... then what was I showing them? What was I teaching them? I was teaching them that they had to make their decisions based on other people and not what they wanted in life. I decided I didn't want to teach them that, and every day since, I have worked on building my career. I am pleased to say that they have never missed a meal 😜 there has always been food on our table.

What decisions are you making for yourself in life? It's your life! Make the decisions that will afford you the most fulfilled life.

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